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Anthelios SPF50+
Hydraterende lotion
in Duurzamere Tube

Onze eerste bescherming met hoge UVA-bescherming met meer respect voor de planeet.

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Anthelios SPF50+ Hydraterende lotion in Duurzamere Tube packshot van Anthelios, door La Roche-Posay

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Leeftijd: 30-39 jaar


“ Not convinced ”

Bought this thinking it would be the same as their sun milk I have used for years with just different packaging. Turns out it's a whole different formulation. It feels very heavily loaded with silicones. A texture I despise in skin (and especially face) products. Mostly because I know my skin does not react well to them. It makes my skin look unhealthy and shiny. This product even irritated and caused a slight burning sensation after having applied. Very dissapointed as LRP products do not come cheap. It also makes me nervous about their effect on the effectivity of the product since silicones stay on the skin rather than penetrate. Which would be fine for physical sunscreens but not really for chemical sunscreens (as far as I know). I think this is what they call their "netlock technology" but do these UV filters used actually work when they just stay laying on the skin? They did the same with their wet-lock sunscreen which is just unusable if you don't want to look like you smeared butter on your face.

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